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Cen-Pe-Co Diesel Fuel Additives

  Cen-Pe-Co Super Diesel Klenz
A fuel conditioner designed to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of any regular or premium diesel fuel. Super Diesel Klenz provides the most superior protection and performance available. Super Diesel Klenz maximizes storage protection of the treated fuel along with providing unsurpassed lubricity, cleanliness, and cold weather protection. Super Diesel Klenz may be added to bulk storage tanks (preferred) or directly into the vehicle.
  Cen-Pe-Co Power Flo Klenz
A combustion improver that increases the surface activity of diesel fuel. Even if the injector nozzles are 100% clean, this combustion improver will produce a finer mist when sprayed through the injector. A finer diesel fuel mist ignites more rapidly and burns more completely, converting more of the diesel fuel's energy into flywheel horsepower. Power Flo Klenz provides fuel lubricity along with cetane improvement, power, increased performance, and anti-gel protection.
  Cen-Pe-Co Atomic Powered Diesel Fuel Catalyst
A unique fuel additive that reduces and uniforms the droplet size of diesel fuel when injected. It is different than other additives because it changes the properties of the fuel and is not dependent on injector cleanup to produce performance benefits. Atomic Powered Diesel Fuel Catalyst boosts power, saves fuel, reduces engine vibration, and reduces smoke and emissions. This year-round additive also keeps fuel flowing through the coldest weather. The superior benefits provided by our patented chemistry have been proven in over 100 dynamometer tests by an engine manufacturer's engine test laboratory and over 4 million miles of closely monitored field performance.
A diesel fuel catalyst that contains Cen-Pe-Co’s exclusive and patented (U.S. Patent #5,656,039) technology, a technological breakthrough that is the latest development in diesel additives. Cen-Pe-Co DieselMax provides surfactant action that breaks the surface tension of diesel fuel to reduce and uniform droplet size. This produces a smoother, more complete burn for better fuel efficiency, more power, higher cetane, lower emissions, improved throttle response and a smoother running engine.