Gear Lubes

Cen-Pe-Co Hy-Torque Gear Lube "clings" and "climb" around the gears to provide exceptional lubrication to the gears and bearings as well as keeping the seals soft and pliable for maximum protection.

Gear Lubes that climb

Gear up with the best, to stay ahead of the rest. Cen-Pe-Co's gear lubricants continue to deliver outstanding performance for the long haul well after other lubes have broken down.  Under severely loaded conditions, they maintain lower temperatures for longer protection, delivering up to three times more resistance to thermal breakdown.

Cen-Pe-Co gear lubes climb into the gears for the greatest protection during the initial impact of cold starting. They climb up into the gears higher and faster, coating points of contact and potential wear. Costly gear and bearing wear are reduced by more than 50% when compared to other gear lubricants.


Gear Lube Products - 

  • Cen-Pe-Co Hy-Torque Gear Lube
    • A heavy-duty, multi-purpose, extreme pressure gear lubricant blended with 100% pure paraffin base oil. This gear lube is specially formulated for heavy and light trucks, off-highway equipment, farm equipment, industrial use, and passenger vehicles. Recommended for transmissions where gear oil is specified, and for all final drives and differentials, including limited slip differentials.
  • Long Haul Transmission Oil
  • Long Haul Gear Lubes
  • Temp-Tack Gear Lube
  • Cling-Fast Chain Lube

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