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 Many Tubes CUT

Cen-Pe-Co Greases that stay put

Grease is nominally about 85% oil, and the rest is thickener and additives.  The oil does the lubricating and the thickener holds it in place in the face of varying environmental challenges, which is why we have several greases.  Most greases are manufactured to passenger vehicle specifications and use an oil viscosity of SAE 40.  CenPeCo Syntho Lube, Double Duty, and Mega Moly are made for heavy duty use and are made with oil of SAE 140 viscosity.

 Syntho Pan CUT

Cen-Pe-Co Syntho Lube

Our best selling grease. A superior multi-purpose grease. A red 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with extra tacifying synthetic polymers and stronger anti-wear additives for outstanding staying power.
NLGI #2. 

 Mega Moly Pan CUT

 Cen-Pe-Co Mega Moly

A gray, tacky, 12 Hydroxy Lithium Complex, multi-purpose grease fortified with 50,000 ppm (5%) Molybdenum Disulfide which excels under sliding action found in construction equipment.
NLGI #2.

Ultimate 100 CUT

Cen-Pe-Co Ultimate 100  

Our most adhesive and water resistant grease for the most punishing heavy-duty applications.   100-Lb Timken.  NLGI #2.

 D Duty Pan CUT

 Cen-Pe-Co Double Duty

A green, tacky, Lithium Complex grease. For high temperature use in heavy equipment and passenger vehicles.
NLGI #2.

 Moly HD Pan CUT  

Cen-Pe-Co Moly HD

A gray, buttery, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide. Excellent cold weather pumpability.
NLGI #2.

 Aqua Pan CUT  

Cen-Pe-Co Aqua Lube

A black, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with unique synthetic polymers that give it excellent performance in the presence of water.
NLGI #2.

 Winter Syntho Pan CUT  

Cen-Pe-Co Winter Syntho

A cold weather, Lithium Complex version of Cen-Pe-Co Syntho Lube with outstanding cold temperature pumpability.
NLGI #1.


Cen-Pe-Co HTLD

A smooth red Lithium Complex grease meeting NLGI GC-LB passenger car requirements.  A good choice for grease banks and cold-flow.


Cen-Pe-Co 5th Wheel Grease

A Calcium grease fortified with 10% graphite.  Available in convenient squeeze tubes for easy application.  Excellent water resistance and cold flow. 
NLGI #1.

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